A Comprehensive Flint Security And Safety Guide For More Than Just Your Home Security System

A residential security system with Vivint is the number one step in helping to safeguard your home. Browse the following Flint Smart and Security Guide for professional tips regarding security, safety, and home automation. Also don’t hesitate to come back often, as our Safety and Security guide will be updated regularly with additional tips and tricks.

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Close up of home security screen on a cell phone
April 13, 2022
Even though you may reside in the safest neighborhood, a smart home security system is worth it in Flint. The benefit is that your homes protection does a great deal more than sound the alarm. Its actually capable of making your property safer and more efficient.
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Close of a cell phone screen with lighting settings
November 17, 2021
Smart lighting in Flint will have you thinking about your light bulbs in a completely different manner. Explore the reasons to choose smart lighting, and why you should connect it to your propertys security.
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