Create a powerful smart home when you pair a Fenton home security system with home automation

A home security system can help make a safer home. Home automation makes your house more efficient. But when you pair home security and home automation into a comprehensive, user-friendly system, you create a robust smart home. Simply pick the components right for you and you have a house that will make your life safer and easier.

You pick the Fenton, MI home security and home automation accessories right for you

Vivint offers an array of devices and services for your Fenton smart home. Each accessory works seamlessly with other Vivint products in a single easy-to-use ecosystem. Choose from:

  • Home security: Door sensors, window sensors, and loud alarms

  • Fire safety: Monitored fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, and medical panic pendants

  • HD cameras: Indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and doorbell cameras

  • Home automation: Smart lighting, smart thermostat, smart door locks, and smart garage door sensor

  • Round-the-clock monitoring team: When a sensor triggers, your Vivint monitoring expert will notify you and emergency departments

The Vivint App is your central hub for all your home security and home automation devices. Watch HD video streams and record Smart Clips from your indoor or outdoor cameras. Unlock your doors and disarm your security system when guests come. Set up schedules so that your system works without you lifting a finger. With the Vivint App, you have complete command of your smart home.

Live in a more efficient and protected home

When you combine your Fenton home security system with automation, you’ll soon see that your day-to-day life is simpler and more comfortable. Everything runs like clockwork without extra effort. With a few button taps on the Vivint App, you can:

  • Turn down the thermostat and lights from your cellphone when it’s time for movie night.

  • Automatically open the garage door and disarm your security system when your car pulls into the driveway.

  • Not worry about forgetting to arm your system or lock the doors when you set up a nighttime schedule.

  • Adjust the lights and thermostats automatically depending on the time of day.

  • Operate your Vivint smart home with voice commands via Amazon Echo or Google Home

Run your smart home when you’re gone

Your Fenton home security system and home automation keeps watching your home and family after you pull out of the driveway. With the smartphone app, you can:

  • Get notices on your smartphone when your indoor or outdoor cameras sense strange motions.

  • Create one-time door lock codes for out-of-town guests or a contractor.

  • Utilize the 2-way communication feature on your doorbell camera to communicate with unexpected visitors who are on your front porch.

  • Change the thermostat so it’s warm and cozy when you walk through the door.

  • Talk with a live monitoring professional when you receive an alert from your security, fire, or flood alarms.

Fenton MI security system

Your brand-new Fenton home security system begins with one simple call

To personalize your smart home system, call (810) 672-7953 or submit the form below. A Vivint professional will review your options and help you create the right system for you and your family. Don’t wait to call today!